Franklin Firefighers Association Endorse Brandy Blanton, Candidate for Alderman At Large

FRANKLIN, TN – The Franklin Firefighters Association would like to announce their endorsement of candidate, Brandy Blanton, in the 2011 City of Franklin Alderman at Large election.

The Franklin Firefighters Association (FFA), an employee organization within the City of Franklin established in 1997, feels it is necessary to support a candidate who will not only represent the citizens, but the city employees as well.

All nine candidates running for the four Alderman at Large seats were mailed questionnaires the latter part of August to be considered as a candidate endorsed by the FFA. Questions ranged from, Fire Department, Employee, and City topics.

While the structure of the City government does not call for the Board of Mayor and Alderman to participate in the day-to-day operations, the FFA realizes that their decisions do impact employees.

“Our only purpose in providing an endorsement is to improve the quality and effectiveness of local government,” says Nathan Goodin, President of the Franklin Firefighters Association.

Officers of the FFA voted on their selection which was put to a vote by all the members of the FFA by way of a “yes” or “no” vote. While the FFA is able to endorse up to four candidates, Brandy Blanton was their sole choice.

“We have selected Brandy Blanton because we feel she has the integrity, experience and knowledge to best lead this city as an Alderman,” said Goodin. “Brandy has proven herself in the community as a true leader with a tremendous amount of diverse community involvement. As firefighters we also are citizens of Franklin and we share the same vision of improving our city on all levels.”

“We believe Brandy Blanton is the right choice,” declares Goodin.

For interview opportunities:

Nathan Goodin
President, Franklin Firefighters Association